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Irish Hills Waterloo Sunset

AMHR Perlino Stallion, Approx. 36.75"


Just a sample of what "Sonny" is producing ...

Location of stallion: Magical Miniatures, Oakville, WA
Open to outside mares: 2019 Breeding Fee $400.00  - Contact Stallion Owner



Irish Hills Waterloo Sunset AKA “Sonny” is a Perlino. Bred and raised by Irish Hills in Illinois. Standing Approx 36 ¾ inches Registered AMHR 282183B.

"Sonny" was only bred to a couple of mares so far. Both foals are true to color One a Buckskin Medicine Hat Pinto Colt, and the other a Buttermilk Dun. He has lots of TINY Breeding behind him in his pedigree. He was registered as a A as well but outgrew his papers He is color tested and is homozygous double dilute. A beautiful perlino standing 36.75 inches. He does not carry dun, only cream gene. Neg LWO Neg Appy If you are looking for GOLD then pick “Sonny” and breed you best mares now! Standing for $400.00 All Mares.

Stallion owner contact information:
Wendy Delk - (360) 280-5146


STANDING AT: Magical Miniatures, Oakville, WA

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