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Club News

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NWMHSPA  Stallion Sweepstakes

The NWMHSPA Stallion Sweepstakes going strong and we are very excited to have our first class to show off our resulting foals. Since we were not able to hold our show in 2020, we are going to not only offer our Yearling Sweepstakes, we are going to offer and 2 Year Old Sweepstakes, for all those that paid into the program.


We are very excited about those that chose to try out this new program to showcase their stallions and their breeding program. We currently have 18 NW Lifetime Stallions participating in this program and their offspring will be showcased in our AMHR 2 Year Old Sweepstakes and ASPC 2 Year Old Sweepstakes classes, offered at the Area VIII National Show, June 18-20, 2021, in Spanaway Washington. There is information on our FB page regarding this program, as well as on our Club News page.


We invite anyone that would like to participate to come join the fun and nominate your stallion. The fee is for the lifetime of your stallion and is transferable. The payback for the nominated foals that show in the yearling class is 100%. So the more we have in the program, the bigger the payout.

Club News - February 2022


Club News

NWMHSPA Stallion Sweepstakes

Dear Aspc/AMHR Stallion Owners,

Stallions would be nominated into the program as a lifetime “Sweepstakes Nominated Sire” for a fee of $150.00. Resulting foals would be eligible to be nominated, in utero or by January 1 of their yearling year, and would show back in the annual Sweepstakes Yearling Halter Class. In utero nomination fee of 75.00. These monies would go into a pot with a 100% CASH PAY BACK to the TOP TEN. Stallions nominated will be posted on our website and our FB page to promote nominated stallions. Mare owners have the opportunity to contact stallion owners regarding breeding opportunities. There will be two divisions: One would be AMHR the other would be ASPC no cross over. It would not be a pointed class nor recognized at this point. It would be different then what is offered through the Nationals and different than a futurity class.

We will offer the winners of each division a special award (sponsored), as well as the cash splits, along with ribbons to the remaining top 9 along with their spilt of the cash. The stallion nomination fee would go to the club. The stallions would receive a certificate proving their nomination status. We are going to have a great time in the NW promoting our outstanding stallions. Many of our breeders here in the NW have outstanding stallions that have impeccable bloodlines and amazing accomplishments. Be a part of the fun and nominate your stallion for the NWMHSPA Stallion Sweepstakes.

The deadline for Stallion nominations is April 1, 2022

If you were not able to get your foal nominations in prior to January 31, 2022, please contact Syndi

Kanzler and she can help you get those foals nominated so you too can have a share in the pay outs.


2022 Amateur High Point Awards:

  • Amateur Miniature B High Point

  • Amateur Miniature A High Point

  • Amateur Shetland High Point

  • Amateur All Around High Point – One horse/handler – Miniature B

  • Amateur All Around High Point – One horse/handler – Miniature A

  • Amateur All Around High Point – One horse/handler – Shetland

This is open to all NWMHSPA members that are amateur and who notify us of your intent to participate. You will need to keep track of your placements and then submit them to Syndi Kanzler by August 31, 2022. Both NW shows will count toward overall points. NWMHSPA Show in June at Spanaway and Evergreen Show in Elma.

If you are not able to participate in this award, but would like to help support this award, please reach out to Syndi and she would be happy to add you to our sponsor list. Remember the more sponsors the bigger the awards.

NWMHSPA Stallion Sweepstakes

The Deadline for Nominations is March 1, 2019


Dear Northwest Breeders,

Here is a great opportunity to showcase, not only yours stallions, but also your wonderful broodmares and breeding program. This Sweepstakes is open to anyone that would like a chance to showcase their stallions, join in the fun at the show, in the Yearling Sweepstakes Class and WIN some money. The more that participate, the more money in the purse. This will be a 100% payback class. So all moneys in the pot will be paid out to the top 10 foals in the class. All foals will not only receive their share of the money, they will also receive a beautiful ribbon, through 10th place.  First place foal will also receive a special (donated) award.

For more information - contact Syndi Kanzler (509) 949-4622  | email: 

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