The NWMHSPA was formed in October of 2014 bringing together, Washington State Shetland Pony Club and Pacific Crown Shetland Pony & Miniature Horse Club, two long standing, active ASPC/AMHR recognized clubs in Area VIII. The goal of our club is to promote small equines and to help educate the public in the joys of owning these wonderful equines.


2021 is going to be a year of renewal. With the ending of a very long and stressful year, filled with such uncertainty, we are happy to be here planning for another great show year. Many members have been struggling with the results of the pandemic, both financially and emotionally. Many of us have turned to our equines to keep a sense of normalcy.


2020 was difficult for many of us that love the comradely of the shows. Getting together with our horse show family is something we all look forward to each year. Many clubs sat back and waited for the states and counties to open so they could move forward with the shows they so carefully planned, only to find that the restrictions prevented their exhibitors to come together. We all watched as our fellow horse show family, on the east coast and in the Midwest, continued to enjoy their shows and even participated at the National level. Those of us that chose to stay home were only able to watch on line and hope that in 2021 we would once again be able to do what we love, show horses.


Well 2021 is here and the Alliance is going to be hosting the 2021 AMHR Area VIII National Area Show. We will be moving forward in a very positive manner, with excitement and a commitment to keep our exhibitors safe and also offer the opportunity for our horse show enthusiasts to come out and show again. We are heading into the new year with a good cash flow and we have been selected to host the 2021 Area VIII National Show. We hope to see many returning members, along with seeing some new faces this year.


Please be sure and click on the link for our membership application.

Our club has been hard at work looking for ways to entice new and old members alike to join our all-inclusive club.


We hope our members will find lots of fun events to participate in. There are always members that enjoy, trail driving, drives on the beach and of course​ visiting schools and retirement/nursing homes. If you have an event or would like to join with some of our members to visit the schools or nursing homes, please reach out to each other.


2021 is a new year with wonderful possibilities for our area clubs. After such a unprecedented year, filled with uncertainty, it feels good to have shows being planned and people getting excited about the show season I hope everyone will continue to support your local clubs. Not all of us show inside an arena and chase the all elusive ribbon, there is something for everyone when you join your local clubs and support their events and programs. The only way our clubs can survive is through donations, sponsorships and exhibitor/member participation.


The NWMHSPA will be, again, offering the carriage classes at our show, please be aware of the new carriage class requirements. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of your board members. We will also continue to offer the Stock Type Halter classes. If there are any classes you​ would like seen offered, please be sure and contact us and we would be happy to work on fitting those classes into our class list.


We will continue to offer mentoring to newbies. Several of our long-time members are offering their expertise, advice and guidance to new people entering the world of small equines.

So if you have always wanted to join a club and come out and show off your horses, join now and plan on attending the show. Thank you for your continued support of the NWMHSPA. See you all down the road. Safe travels and best of luck in 2021.

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NWMHSPA  Stallion Sweepstakes

The NWMHSPA Stallion Sweepstakes going strong and we are very excited to have our first class to show off our resulting foals. Since we were not able to hold our show in 2020, we are going to not only offer our Yearling Sweepstakes, we are going to offer and 2 Year Old Sweepstakes, for all those that paid into the program.


We are very excited about those that chose to try out this new program to showcase their stallions and their breeding program. We currently have 18 NW Lifetime Stallions participating in this program and their offspring will be showcased in our AMHR 2 Year Old Sweepstakes and ASPC 2 Year Old Sweepstakes classes, offered at the Area VIII National Show, June 18-20, 2021, in Spanaway Washington. There is information on our FB page regarding this program, as well as on our Club News page.


We invite anyone that would like to participate to come join the fun and nominate your stallion. The fee is for the lifetime of your stallion and is transferable. The payback for the nominated foals that show in the yearling class is 100%. So the more we have in the program, the bigger the payout.